We conduct security and HSE certification training for aviation, maritime, oil and gas, financial and academic institutions.
You can take advantage of our products by:
• Becoming a professional member of IISSN
• Becoming a resource persons in IISSN Consultancy Groups
• Getting trained and certified through any of our professional certification Programmes.

IISSN training is planned to provide for the arbitrary gap between the available certificated persons and the relatively scarce competence in HSSE. Our trainings are coded HSSE (i.e. HSSE I and HSSE II), HSSM (i.e. BCert, TCert, NCert, GCert, PCert and APCert) and Security Courses (i.e. CSG, CSS and CIPP) which are run via classroom and internet-based training, and each satisfies the training objectives for the courses.
HSSE is an integrated approach to managing Industrial Health, Safety, Security and the Environment in various organizations.

IISSN Health, Safety and Security Management (HSSM) is a rational fusion of Occupational Health, Operational Safety, Environment management, Industrial Security operations, Risk Management, Human Factor Engineering (HFE), Quality Management and Project Management in a bid to bringing a quantifiable synergistic advantage to industrial operations. It utilizes the link among these seven (7) professions in promoting the loss prevention and asset protection drive for organizations. Its beneficiaries are coached to recognize this thin connect and be able to apply it to playing a more productive role to their organizations.

Goal of Training
The goal of IISSN training is to raise awareness and build competence in Health, Safety, Security and Environment management by way of coaching a crop of intending professionals with the competence they need to give practicable and productive contributions towards pushing their organizations’ HSE and Security management system to operational excellence.

Benefits of Certification
The trainings (and the certifications) have both short-term and long-term benefits to the trainees and their organizations. In addition to this, the trainings
1. Are competitive to what is obtainable in the international environment
2. Automatically qualifies trainees to apply for membership with IISSN
3. Meet up with standards of health, safety, security and environment anywhere in the world.
4. Allow trainees access to IISSN current information on Health, Safety and Security management and other events happening around us.
5. Help to develop technical person(s) in matters of health, safety, environment and security who could play the roles of the point-man.
6. Enhance employability of trainees

Each session is facilitated by seasoned practitioners in health, safety and security management in both the private and public sectors of the economy. These competencies are brought together for the sake of giving the trainees a cutting-edge advantage in matters relating to workplace injury prevention, loss prevention and asset protection.

Accommodation During Training:

In most of our training locations, there are reputable and affordable guest houses and hotels. Arrangement for accommodating trainees during the period of training could be made for anyone in need of such, but the cost of this is the responsibility of the concerned trainee. The concerned trainee will foot the accommodation expenses. The Institute shall not be directly responsible for the accommodation of any participant.

Transportation to Training Venue:

The transportation of each trainee to the training venue is the responsibility of the trainee. This follows that the training institute shall not be responsible for the financial aspect nor the risks of travelling to the training venue. Each prospective trainee is therefore advised to adopt the safest route to and fro the venue.

Training Venue Arrangement:

There are two categories of venue arrangements, viz;
i. Floating. This means, the venue for training can be arranged within an area where the concentration of trainees is ‘reasonable’. (Reasonable, connotes meeting the minimum number of trainees for that certification programme).
ii. Fixed, where trainings are normally held IISSN designated Study Centres

Examination And Award Of Certificate

The certification examination which are all multiple-choice questions will be conducted by Examination Consultants. Dates for the examinations are planned with the trainees at the last day of the classroom training. The examination fee, which has been paid along with the course fee, is a pre-requisite to issuing of certification; therefore, all assessee are advised to take the examination as important as the payment for the training. Successful candidates will be communicated prior to issuance of certificate.

Project Work

While some of the certification courses recommend that projects be written at the end of the classroom training, at the convenience of the trainee. It is however, optional, in that the student could opt for the written assessment instead. Career-minded trainees are advised to explore this advantage.

IISSN Library

IISSN library is open to trainees and members who are carrying out research works and writing projects on selected topics. There are books, journals and Magazines available for consultations. At least, Technical membership status is recommended for students wishing to consult our library.
Medium of Instruction
Each course shall be facilitated in the simplest form of English language.

All complaints with respect to these programmes should be directed to the Coordinator of Programmes, coordinator@...

Trainee’s Equipment and materials for Training

Trainees have an option of requesting for additional hands-on demonstration, with or without purchase of items and equipment. While the institute is working hard to ensure trainees get maximum benefits for the training, additional costs for clothing, other equipment, etc which might be purchased (on trainee’s requests) shall be borne by the trainees.  

2018 Brochure

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