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IISSN is made up of a body of experience and certified safety and security professionals trained both in Nigeria and overseas and are satisfactorily exposed to current trends in industrial Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE). The competence of its professionals is further strengthened by the field experience which they have gathered over the years in the African industrial settings and are willing to transfer such skill to willing individuals and corporate entities. This transfer strategy further helps to develop confidence and self-reliability in the recipients so as to satisfy their employers’ HSSE’s needs – irrespective of the prevailing trends.

Secondly, the training contents of IISSN Implants are organized to professionally blend ethics with the cultural settings of the would-be receiving organizations. This is to ensure sure that the peculiar diversities (in disciplines, religions, norms, beliefs, principles, emotional differences, etc) are adequately provided for and blended sensibly to meet up with organization-based operational excellence.

Finally, the fact that the competence of IISSN cuts across all walks of life makes the drive for accommodating the diversities in planning, designing and transferring knowledge more interesting. IISSN has a way investigating the training needs of organizations by responsibly utilizing their competence to get the required information, and presenting the results (that is the training needs) to the prospects in a handy form and useable format.

1.1 Where Our Roles Are Necessary:

The benefits we bring to our clients involve;

 Development of a practicable health and safety management system (HSMS).
 Induction training and refresher of newly employed persons and employees respectively of company’s health and safety culture
 Coaching of selected employees on relevant health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) management areas.
 Researching for reliable community projects of social benefits to the hosting communities, and standing by to midwife the relationship between the two.
 Creating a formidable intelligence-gathering link between our clients and external agencies to be used to up the former’s loss-prevention policies and operational practices within their on- shore and off-shore locations.

1.2 Specific Areas of IISSN Implants’ Competence:

Access control planning for organizations
Beat Management system
Collective bargaining in contract
Conducting a investigating Root Cause Analysis for workplace hazards
Confined Space Safety training
Continuous Safety Improvement drive planning and enforcement
Creating awareness of hazards of ergonomic importance within the workforce
Criminal files designing and filing methods for criminal cases
Designing a defensive driving plan for organization’s logistic HSE
Designing an accessible accident record book
Designing the building to suit the intended security plan
Developing an Effective Safety Accountability programme for the workforce
Developing effecting hearing Conservation Programme for aviation staff
Developing effective HAZCOM program
Ergonomic awareness into our workstations
Fall protection in construction jobs
Guard force scheduling
Hazard-free HSE Culture
How to develop an effective safety training program for organization
How to make recommendations for improving company’s safety system
HSE record keeping practices
Increased surveillance and protection of security-sensitive areas
Industrial hygiene waste haulers education program
Information gathering for threats in vulnerable areas
Integrating company’s asset protection plan with the safety management system
Intelligence information gathering and testing for security operatives
Introducing site-specific patrol measures in security plan
Job enrichment practices
Ladder safety
Logistic management system
Manpower Planning and deployment
Manual Material Handling
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Materials and methods of onsite Security planning
Measures for continuously improving company’s safety management system
Medical waste management
Modern measures for Strengthening Perimeter Protection
Modern workable negotiation practices with violent groups
Networking with external intelligence agencies for tightening internal security plan
Non-Human (Dog) Security Management systems
Organizing a responsible crises management group
Personal Protection Equipment
Personnel health hazards exposure control
Phased return to work practices
Pipeline security and safety
Planning a LOTO system as a hazardous energy control technique
Planning a safety training program for company’s loss-prevention drive
Planning a suitable emergency action for company
Planning an effective Identification system for employee
Planning an effective safety accountability system
Prevention of back pain among manual material handling employees
Principles for managing internal riots and civil disobedience
Principles for Managing wild Fire and workable recovery measures
Principles of Fall Protection
Principles of forklift safety
Profiling vulnerability for crime in organization
Roadway Hazards and defensive driving
Rolling machine guarding
Safety and Health Evaluation Team
Safety and Health Management planning
Safety and Health Program Evaluation
Safety and Supervisor
Safety Committee Meeting Management
Safety committee operation
Safety Committee Training
Safety in contracts and contractors’ roles
Conducting safety inspection in off-site location
Safety Leadership management in the organizational plan
Safety practices in excavation jobs
Scaffolding safety and certification
Security surveillance practice
Sharps waste management for employees of Hospital
Site Security Induction Training for new employees
Specific protection for selected persons and personalities
Suiting the inside security structure with the outer perimeter design
Supervision practices for ensuring individual’s commitment to safety
Systemic anti-vandal practices
Techniques for investigating specific security risks
Transportation safety
Utilizing sourced crime data for toughening own protection
Violence in the workplace
VIP protection aids for top management persons
Worker protection
Working at height and safety


We bring our consultancy services to corporate organizations the following four services, below;

1. External (Make-up) Advisory Agent (E-MAGE)
2. IISSN Competence Development School (I-CODES)
3. Company On-site Security, Safety, Health and Environment Induction Awareness (COSSHEIA) Program
4. Inter-agency Intelligence Coordination Group (2-IC Group)

External (Make-up) Advisory Agent - “E-MAGE”

The Conception and birth: Despite the practicable management systems reputable organizations might have inducted to curb losses and image damage within their operations, the systems are still replete with flaws (and faults) especially when tested in the field over some years or when compared with a more advanced system. This imperfection becomes a worrying challenge to the management of affected organizations when external auditors come around for assessment and inspection, where, in most cases, the receiving company is lost as to what to present or who to be presented. To help prevent the likely ‘system failure’, E-MAGE was birthed to close the gap for our highly cherished clients. The vision of E-MAGE (External (Make-up) Advisory Agent) include putting up face representation and external consultancy for our clients in matters requiring standards and professionalism in the areas of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), and the management of these (HSSE) in organizations.

E-MAGE: Through E-MAGE, IISSN maintains a close contact with our clients to feel their heat and make a representation for her whenever the need arises - so as to assure that the best and most competitive solutions are prescribed for their corporate HSSE challenges.

To be an E-MAGE partner, it requires three steps;
1. Apply for Corporate Membership with IISSN. To be an IISSN Corporate Membership, go to membership application and description
2. Obtain an E-MAGE Partner Certificate from the Office of the Registrar
3. Renew your partnership by paying up your Annual E-MAGE Retention Fees


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